Anxiety is common for many who undergo dental treatment. Thankfully, this anxiety can be alleviated through a process known as sedation dentistry. The experts at Dental Innovations have received certification through the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS, for short). Their expertise in this method will help relax you during treatment, making your visit a more pleasant experience. The effectiveness of sedation dentistry will help remove practically any pain identified with dental treatments.

Techniques for sedation dentistry include:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral Conscious Sedation
  • Anxiolysis

Dental Innovations has qualified sedation experts that can ease your anxiety and provide a superb dental experience. Call today and request a consultation with a Dental Innovations professional to see if sedation is appropriate for you….and prepare for a new, pleasing visit to your dentist.

Will I be completely relaxed during Sedation Dentistry?

While Sedation Dentistry and anesthesia are different in how they are used, their effects are similar. You will be given the appropriate amount of sedation to keep you unaware of the ongoing treatment, almost as though you are asleep.

Will my Sedation Dentistry visit be painful?

It is very uncommon to feel discomfort during your treatment, and many patients comment on how surprised they are about how good they feel at the conclusion of their treatment.

Will I be alone during sedation?

No. While your dentist is certainly present, he is joined by another member of the Dental Innovations staff who strictly monitors the procedure to ensure your maximum safety and comfort. Additionally, you may also have a person of your choosing be with you during treatment.

After sedation, will I remember anything?

That will depend on which method of sedation you and your dentist agree on. There is a possibility you may have little to no recollection of your visit. Be assured, however, the procedure is safe.

When I’m done, will I feel groggy?

The vast majority of patients report feeling fine. But just to be safe, a person of your choosing may be required to help drive you home.

Will my insurance cover my sedation treatment?

Generally, insurance covers at least a portion of the procedure. Your insurance coverage will be reviewed by Dental Innovations and any necessary financing will be arranged in an effort to give you the care you desire.

What are the names of the drugs that will be administered to me?

The medications used by Dental Innovations are both safe and effective. Examples of drug names used include Valium and Triazolam. You will meet with your dentist in an effort to determine which medication is best suited to meet your needs.