***Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE***

*** COVID-19 UPDATE***

Here at Dental Innovations, our greatest concern is the well-being of our community and our wonderful staff. In our effort to help mitigate the presence of this virus in and around our surrounding area, our office will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC, ADA, and NMDA stating that all elective procedures should be postponed for at least 2-3... read more »

3 Reasons to Choose Invisible Braces Over Traditional Braces

Crooked teeth are uncomfortable and hard to clean, but the thought of wearing metal braces can make you not want to get your smile fixed. Fortunately, there's a better alternative available today: invisible braces! If you're looking into getting your teeth straightened, here are three reasons you should choose invisible braces over traditional metal braces. (more…)

Get a Free Consultation and X-Rays with Orthodontics

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going this year? It can be hard to make real changes in your life, especially on your own. If you’re struggling with your resolutions and would like a failsafe way to feel better about yourself a few months down the line, braces can work wonders for you! (more…)

A Happy Smile for the Holidays

Happy Holidays from Dental Innovations! We wanted to say thank you to our neighbors, our patients, and our friends for trusting us with your smiles for another great year. We love seeing your smiling faces when you come in and especially as you leave, with stronger, straighter and healthier teeth, ready for the world and for a new year. (more…)

Your Teeth Will Thank You This Thanksgiving

Learn How to Protect Your Smile this Thanksgiving. Your Teeth Will Thank You for it. We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and while you’re spending time with your family and friends, relaxing and telling each other what you appreciate about them, chances are that you’ll show each other your gratitude with food. (more…)

Halloween is a Scary Time for Your Teeth

Are you ready for the holidays? Halloween is a scary time for your teeth. Now is the beginning of the end…the holiday season is almost upon us and the parties are already beginning! Even if you have your shopping, baking, and candy bowls ready to go, Halloween is a scary time for your teeth, and if they could scream, they... read more »

Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? We’ve got a few tricks to help you relax. Dental anxiety is quite common in the United States. In fact, nearly 80% of American adults have some fear regarding the dentist and 25% of them completely avoid going, which can become quite dangerous. (more…)

Time to See the Dentist?

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Here are 10 signs that it’s time to see your dentist. Regular dental appointments every 6-months are vital for our oral health, however, nearly 100 million Americans fail to see a dentist even once a year. Whether it’s fear, lack of insurance or a busy schedule, coming in to see... read more »

How to Care for Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces come with a lot of advantages, however, that doesn’t mean they don’t get dirty. There are several benefits to Invisible Braces such as: You don’t see them You can take them out whenever needed Invisible Braces are 10x more comfortable than traditional metal braces They will align your teeth in as little as one year (more…)

Freshen Up for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is a special day, are you ready? As Valentine’s Day comes around, you may be freshening yourself up with a new outfit or perhaps a new hairdo, but what about your smile? Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so what will you do to ensure that it is worth showing off? (more…)