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Get a Free Consultation and X-Rays with Orthodontics

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How are your New Year’s Resolutions going this year? It can be hard to make real changes in your life, especially on your own. If you’re struggling with your resolutions and would like a failsafe way to feel better about yourself a few months down the line, braces can work wonders for you!

Our orthodontia can help you straighten out your smile, in a way that will fit your budget. At Dental Innovations in Gallup, New Mexico, we not only offer a free consultation but also free X-rays!

Having braces now can provide you or a family member with more self-confidence for the rest of their life! Straight teeth are one of the first things people notice. Ready to feel more confident in your daily life? A great smile will enhance your first impression by making it more impactful in all the right ways. We offer several options that can address any of your needs without destroying your budget.

Whether you need braces as an adult, or your child/children need help improving their smiles, we have packages that will work for you. During your free consultation, we will be able to see which of our services will suit your needs and timeframe, including:

  • Traditional Braces
    • The most common, bracket and steel wire braces
    • Generally the least expensive and most versatile type of braces
  • Clear, Self-Ligating Braces
    • Clear ceramic brackets
    • High-Tech wires cause less pressure/friction/pain
    • Faster and more effective than traditional braces
  • Lingual Braces
    • Similar to traditional braces, with brackets and wires
    • Brackets are attached on the back-side of the teeth
    • These are as effective as traditional braces but are invisible
  • Invisalign trays
    • A discreet alternative to brackets
    • Perfect for adults
    • Clear, comfortable and removable while eating

If your New Year’s Resolution was to ensure that your family has healthy, comfortable smiles, Dental Innovations is here to help you achieve it. We’re like personal trainers for your teeth!

So, schedule a free consultation and X-rays for yourself or your family members, and we’ll help you get your (their) new smile started right away!