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Freshen Up for Valentine’s Day

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February 14th is a special day, are you ready?

As Valentine’s Day comes around, you may be freshening yourself up with a new outfit or perhaps a new hairdo, but what about your smile? Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so what will you do to ensure that it is worth showing off?

Here are a few ideas to freshen up your smile before Valentine’s Day:

  • Go get your teeth professionally cleaned and checked for any cavities.
  • Start the take-home teeth whitening treatment 10-days before February 14th.
  • Brush twice and floss once a day.
  • Use a mouthwash with fluoride in it for fresher breath and to prevent cavities.
  • Strive to drink lots of water and eat sugar sparingly.

To ensure that your smile is ready to impress your significant other on Valentine’s Day, schedule a cleaning with Dental Innovations of Gallup and see if we can’t help you look the part. And don’t forget to ask about our teeth whitening treatment for an even brighter smile!