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What is Sedation Dentistry?

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 If the idea of going to the dentist every six months frightens you, sedation dentistry may just be the cure.

If you are one of those people who would rather endure an excruciating tooth pain rather than go to the dentist, you best start looking into sedation dentistry because It may just save you from wanting to endure such pain.

Sedation dentistry is a way to help patients relax during a dental procedure, including a simple cleaning, by using some form of a sedative method.  

At Dental Innovations in Gallup, our sedation methods include:

  • Nitrous Oxide, nicknamed “Laughing Gas”, is a safe and effective sedative that is mixed with oxygen and is breathed through a mask that fits over the nose.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation is a pill that must be taken an hour before the appointment. It relaxes the patient but doesn’t put them to sleep.
  • Anxiolysis is a lighter and shorter sedation method that relaxes the mind and body.

As with any sedation method, even it is a lighter method where you’re conscious, it is vital to have someone drive you to and from the appointment. Sedatives take time to vacate the bloodstream, so you will feel tired after the dental procedure.

At Dental Innovations in Gallup, we want to make sure your visit is pleasant and that you’re comfortable. We have qualified sedation experts who are certified to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see if sedation is suitable for you.