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New Year’s Resolution: Whiter Smile

Start the new year off right with a brighter, whiter smile. So it’s 2018 and everyone is busy making resolutions... While most people will be heading to the gym or coming up with ways to save even more money, why don’t you start off the new year right by getting a whiter smile with an at home teeth whitening system?... read more »

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

This Christmas, fill in those missing gaps with dental implants. Christmas is right around the corner and while children are writing out their Christmas Wish Lists to send off to Santa Claus, adults are thinking about what they want too. Perhaps a new grill? Maybe a new couch? Or what about dental implants to finally fill those gaps in your... read more »

Be Grateful for a Healthy Smile this Thanksgiving

Here are some tips to keep a healthy, good-looking smile this Thanksgiving. November is finally here and that only means one thing- Thanksgiving! This time of year is a great time to spend with family and friends, reflecting on what you’re grateful for and enjoying the mighty fine Thanksgiving feast. One thing, however, that not a lot of people think... read more »

Preventing Cavities During Halloween Time

Here are 3 tips to help prevent cavities this Halloween. Halloween is a great time splurge on some candy, but it’s definitely not a great time for our teeth. Sugar can definitely take a negative toll on our teeth and can cause cavity galore. (more…)

What is Sedation Dentistry?

 If the idea of going to the dentist every six months frightens you, sedation dentistry may just be the cure. If you are one of those people who would rather endure an excruciating tooth pain rather than go to the dentist, you best start looking into sedation dentistry because It may just save you from wanting to endure such pain.... read more »

4 Reasons to Consider Invisible Braces

Are you in need of braces? Consider these 4 reasons to choose invisible braces. Braces have come a long way since the 18th century when they were first experimenting with them. Today, invisible braces is one of the most innovative dentistry advances in straightening teeth. For decades, metal wires and brackets have worked to producing millions of straighter smiles, now... read more »

Back to School Cleaning

Are your kids’ teeth ready for school? Year-round dentist visits are very important, but a back-to-school dentist visit is key to fighting the top chronic disease found in children: cavities. Every year, children miss 51 million hours of school due to dental diseases. Scheduling a back-to-school check-up will not only reduce or prevent you child from missing a day or... read more »