Brushing Your Teeth the Correct Way


There’s more to it than you may think.

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Fluoride, the Smile’s Hero


Fluoride helps rebuild tooth enamel and fight off cavities, giving you a spectacular smile!

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Botox, for a Beautiful, Comfortable Smile


Dental Innovations of Gallup can help take your beauty to the next level with Botox and the “next level” is “Comfort”.

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Reasons for Professional Teeth Whitening


Professional Teeth Whitening or Over the Counter?

Are you insecure about your smile? Are those over-the-counter teeth whitening products not doing the job? Look no further!

Everyone wants a whiter smile, but many people are worried about the cost and whether or not the product will work. If the only option was going to the local supermarket to purchase teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening mouthwash, the process would be very discouraging, because these aren’t always promising and take weeks, if not months to begin working. Professional teeth whitening, however, is guaranteed and safer than using over-the-counter products. Read more

3 Options to Fill In Those Permanent Teeth Gaps


Don’t let teeth gaps keep you from showing off your pearly whites.

Not everyone is blessed with perfect, healthy teeth their whole lives. Sometimes as adults, we lose a tooth or two. Now, having teeth gaps in your smile isn’t as terrible as some may think, but it isn’t too great either. Rather than having a gap in our smile, here are three options you can do to have a full set of teeth: Read more

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


Wanting something can be as bad as getting it

The worst jobs for us, as dentist’s and hygienists, are the ones we have to do on babies teeth. These are unfortunately common and heartbreaking. Can you imagine an infant having a tooth pulled? It’s the kind of situation that makes you wish you could trade places with them in the chair! The worst part is, it’s Completely Avoidable! Read more

3 Tips for Smokers Teeth


Tips to Whiten Smokers Teeth

smoker's teethAlthough there is much focus on the adverse health concerns that smokers face, there is, in fact, another area which may prove to be troublesome for smokers, which is more aesthetic in nature, smokers teeth… That is, getting and keeping a white smile. Smokers can struggle with discolored teeth, finding that the discoloration can range from moderate, to severely discolored. This is caused by the nicotine and tar in cigarettes creeping into the enamel of your teeth. Read more

What Your Kids Should Know Before Asking for Oral Piercings


What your child should know about oral piercings


Whether it is a trend or self-expression, oral piercings are becoming more and more prominent. Sometimes, your child feels that he just can’t say what he is feeling unless there is something metal pierced through his tongue or lip. Many parents cower at the thought, but this simply isn’t enough to discourage the practice. And since this is something that will affect your child’s life, he simply needs to face the facts. Read more

Diabetes Effect on Your Teeth


Can Diabetes Affect Teeth? 3 things you need to know

Diabetes on your teethFor those who suffer from diabetes, it is no secret that the disease has an impact on every facet of life, including oral health.  Not everyone knows that diabetes can cause damage to teeth and gums, but it can further complicate an already difficult situation.  The good news is that there are preventative measures that can be taken to protect the mouth from the damaging effects of diabetes, which can include periodontal disease.
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Aging and Dental Health


Growing Old Gracefully | Dental Health

dental health for aging teethAs we age, our bodies change. And our teeth, which have been with us since the adult set grew in during childhood, are no different. But advancing age is not synonymous with dentures; while dentures are an excellent option for teeth that have become unsalvageable, with proper care natural teeth can last an entire lifetime. Read more